Special features


Length: 1870 mm
Width: 780 mm
Height: 1040 mm
Wheelbase: 1260 mm
Min. Ground clearance: 270 mm
Vehicle weight: 50 kg
Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle: 24 kg
Weigth distribution of Rr. Wheel axle: 26 kg
Max. load capability: 100 kg


Forward inclining angle: 26°
Steering angle: 46°
Fr. Absorbers stroke: 200 mm
Rr. Absorber/Wheel stroke: 87/210 mm


Max. motor rotation speed: 4500r/min
Cooling method: Air-cooled
Climbing ability: 35°
Range: 100km (@ 20km/h)
Max. torque: 200N.m
Gearshift type and transmission ratio: 1:7.6
Transmisison type: Belt + Chain
Belt brand and model: HTD 8M


Frame type: Aluminum alloy double cradles design
Fr. Absorber: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
Rr. Absorber: Multi-link central shock absorber


Tire size (Fr.): 70/100-19
Tire size (Rr.): 70/100-19
Wheel type (Fr.): 19×1.4
Wheel type (Rr.): 19×1.4
Fr. brake type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake
Rr. brake type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake


Controller type: 48/60V self-adaptable
ECU type: GPS Data connection
Horn: European standard horn
Charger type: Constant current & voltage 58.8V-5A
Battery specs: 60V 32AH Battery specs
Headlight type: German standard bicycle headlight(v)(w)(mm)
Brake lamp/tail lamp type: German standard bicycle tail lamp(v)(w)
USB Power source: USB-2.1A single socket
Single socket: IBN negative display dashboard


Sur-ron Light Bee is an electric motorcycle that does not require any ordinary maintenance.

It is advisable according to use and type of use:

  • Lubricate chain and forks occasionally
  • Chain, pinions, pivots and spokes will have to be checked for tension. Suspension bolts and axles will have to be re-tighten occasionally
  • the battery lasts longer if certain rules regarding storage, charging, use and temperature limits are observed


We don’t recommend storing the battery in hot, cold or humid places. The recommended storage temperature for the battery is 15° C in a dry environment. The battery should be stored at about 40% charge to keep the battery operating longer. If you plan to keep the motorcycle steady for a few weeks it is advisable to disconnect the battery from the motorcycle . Avoid storing the fully charged battery – this will reduce its life. To get the most out of its performance, take a ride right after you’ve recharged.


  • Maximum acceleration, versatility and manageability
  • Stability and precision in driving even at high speeds
  • Cross performances guarantee more fun than a downhill bike
  • Adherence on all terrains – curve control
  • Durable but lightweight bodywork
  • Latest generation materials and engineering
  • Suitable for all levels (beginner – advanced – expert)
  • Zero emissions – very little maintenance